Filming in Bolivia equals locations with unique landscapes and mesmerizing panoramas. Among the country’s open-air sets, consider the Atacama Desert, Andean peaks, Amazon rainforest. No need for rose-colored glasses here when filming in Bolivia. Here, lakes are pink, and so are dolphins and flamingos. Our location scouting in Bolivia is the secret to find the perfect spots.

As a local fixer in Bolivia, we can guide your steps through the jungle of trees or modern buildings. Discover our selection of unique locations, World Heritage sites, vertigo-causing architecture.

Enjoy insightful location scouting in Bolivia. Describe the perfect setting for your production and we take it from there. Rely on Bolivia Fixers for top locations.

Filming in Bolivia – La Paz

filming in Bolivia, Bolivia Filming Locations

La Paz is more than just the highest capital in the world. It is a region that will leave you in awe. With stunning panoramas and photogenic surroundings, the area comprises plenty of filming potential. Trust an experienced fixer for film production to guide your steps. We know the gems on the back alleys.

When you need a fixer for documentary in the moon-like landscape near La Paz, we are at your service. Extensive knowledge, insightful experience, flexible rates. With our location scouting in La Paz, you get to know all about Moon’s Valley or Valley of the Souls. Without having to sell your soul to afford it. We are a leading fixer for film production, with down-to-earth rates.

If the Witches’ Market or the Coca Museum fit your production better, let us settle the details. Our fixer for documentary services are wide-ranging and versatile. Discover the true colors of this country when filming in Bolivia and choose our location scouting in La Paz.

Filming in Bolivia – Santa Cruz

filming in Bolivia, Bolivia Filming Locations

Documentary filming in Bolivia will feel like a walk in the park when you are in Santa Cruz. Our location scouting in Santa Cruz takes you to super-photogenic places, rainforest included. Make sure nothing rains on your parade, trust us to be your production coordinator.

Deep in the Amazonian jungle or chasing traces of long-forgotten history, we will be by your side. Documentary filming in Santa Cruz with our crew is an all-encompassing experience. We have collaborated as a production coordinator with various media brands. We are also versatile and our rates are among the most convenient on the market. As a result, we provide top-production assistance, for the best prices. From location scouting in Santa Cruz to equipment rental and more, trust our team.

Bolivia Fixers is a reliable production coordinator. Our team of fixers can accommodate any production needs when you are filming in Bolivia. Make the most of the best local resources, for the best rates. For in-depth location scouting in Santa Cruz, contact us.

Filming in Bolivia – Cochabamba

filming in Bolivia, Bolivia Filming Locations

The City of Eternal Spring is also the home of Cristo de la Concordia. This huge statue may overshadow other monuments but offers a stunning panorama. If your focus is on biodiversity, note that Cochabamba is close to the Carrasco National Park. For documentary filming about Bolivia’s wildlife or colonial history, count on us. We provide top location scouting for filming in Cochabamba and its surroundings. We know where to find the dinosaur footprints and the best deals on camera package rental. When paperwork vertigo hits, enjoy our support for film permits in Cochabamba.

Rely on the locals to know best where to find what you need. Discover the perfect match for your production with our location scouting in Cochabamba. And, of course, enjoy sweet deals on camera package rental. We offer a wide range of services, translation or film permits in Cochabamba included.

Go beyond the beaten paths, with a reliable local fixer. When filming in Bolivia, trust us.

Filming in Bolivia – Potosí

filming in Bolivia, Bolivia Filming Locations

The Devil’s Miner is a documentary putting Potosí under the spotlight. The city’s long mining history is on view at Cerro Rico, a mountain and a silver mine. Explore the area with the help of a local journalist fixer. Our location scouting in Potosí hands you photogenic places on a silver plate. Our production assistance covers more than the basics. If you search local crew for hire, Bolivia Fixers has the most suitable one. Camera operator, soundman, you name it, we find it.

To catch on film the history of minted coins, Potosí is a good location. It has a rich colonial background to serve as inspiration. And our location scouting in Potosí helps you find the scenic spots.

As a top journalist fixer in the region, we offer more than location scouting in Potosí. For translation, a camera operator or general support, we are at your service.

For any kind of video production, count on Bolivia Fixers and drop us a line.