Our support includes the film permits in Bolivia, so you get all your approvals in time for shooting in this wonderful country.

Bolivia is best known for its jaw-dropping, various types of scenery. The country offers some of the most impressive natural production locations in South America. Filming in Bolivia is cost-effective and rewarding with the help of professional fixers. For an insightful, hassle-free experience, collaborate with us, local, reliable journalist fixers. From translation and location scouting to equipment rental and film permits in Bolivia, we prove we are worth our salt.

Filming in Bolivia will meet your budget and surpass your expectations. Trust on Bolivia Fixers to assist with every aspect of production.

Access for Filming in Bolivia

Talking about documentary filming on political events or Hollywood blockbusters, Bolivia fits perfectly. Quantum of Solace or The Devil’s Miner are some titles that can sound familiar, shot in this country. The variety of scenery is one of the main advantages of filming in Bolivia. With our broad production assistance up your sleeve, shooting is hassle-free. Trust leading journalist fixers to accommodate all your needs, including film permits in Bolivia.

This South-American country offers filmmakers plenty of opportunities to feel inspired. Scenic locations, below the average costs, experienced production assistance, sounds great, right? Add reliable journalist fixers, available to provide full support from day one. All these, in one, is what we can offer filmmakers and journalists filming in Bolivia. We are Bolivia Fixers, a crew of media experts, at your service.

Rely on our insightful know-how and get all the approvals for filming in Bolivia. We strive to offer filmmakers and media crews all they need to most efficiently. When it comes to formalities, the authority in charge of the film industry is CONACINE. Consejo Nacional del Cine (National Cinema Council) grants access for filming in Bolivia.

Getting film permits in Bolivia, as well as other formalities, may feel overwhelming for foreign creators. Rely on our local support to get you out of the (Amazonian) woods. For assistance in getting the documentation needed, our crew of fixers is a message away. We can help you get the approvals and access for filming in Bolivia, right on time for shooting.

Getting Film Permits in Bolivia

From the Atacama desert to the Amazonian basin, rely on our top support when filming in Bolivia. Let expert production fixers prevent a paperwork headache. We help you get the film permits in Bolivia and deal with all the formalities.

Before getting the necessary film permits in Bolivia, filmmakers firstly present some documents. Our knowledgeable team of journalist fixers can help you with insightful details. Documents must prove the purpose and duration associated with filming in Bolivia. Contacting the Bolivian Embassy in your home country is necessary, to attest to your residency. CONACINE is the authority releasing the film permits in Bolivia. Before shooting, they ask for details about the number of people involved, the list of locations. The specific aspects of production, audience, equipment are also relevant. Filmmakers must also send a letter of commitment. Through it, they confirm providing a copy of the finished audiovisual product. This copy must reach Cinemateca Boliviana archives, a year after the grant of the film permit.

If this whole process makes you dizzy, it may not be the altitude in Bolivia. Our team of production fixers can help you go through all the formalities. Getting film permits in Bolivia becomes easier with expert guidance.

Tax Rebate in Bolivia

When filming in Bolivia, collaborate with a leading fixer for film production. Get access to the best local resources, for the best rates. If the tax rebate system raises any questions, we have the answers.

Our portfolio as a fixer for film production includes an insightful overview of incentives. The term “rebate” refers to the funds paid by the government to a production company. Depending on the expenses that qualify for reimbursement, the amount will vary. Also, the job opportunities you create in the country will be relevant.

The authorities’ support usually aims more at the local filmmakers than at a foreign production company. At the moment, in Bolivia, there are no tax breaks or funding incentives available. Foreign filmmakers and journalists do benefit from lower costs when filming in Bolivia. As the country is developing, resources are less expensive, compared to neighboring states. Count on us to be your fixer for documentary or film production and we bring you the best, for less. Our network of collaborators allows us to get you all the production supplies, at the best price.

Rely on Bolivia Fixers to guide you through the paperwork of getting film permits in Bolivia. Enjoy affordable, local resources with the help of a professional fixer for production. We are one email away, so get in touch and let us know more about your upcoming project.