Top-Notch Production Assistance in Bolivia

Enjoy a complete production assistance package, including a professional fixer in Bolivia. For filmmakers and journalists, we strive to provide the best local resources. From location managers to camera operators, we can assist you in finding the best crew for hire. We will respect your budget, but surpass your expectations. Trust us as your fixer in Bolivia and enjoy working with passionate people. Our fully vetted crew of experts provides top production assistance, for top results.

Our portfolio includes collaborations with world-known media brands. We worked on different video productions, from TV commercials to documentary filming. So rely on our specialists for extensive production support. Insightful, dedicated, experienced, versatile – this is our crew. We can handle translation, location scouting, equipment rental. As a leading fixer in Bolivia, we strive to keep the best rates for top services. Drop us a message and explore how Bolivia Fixers services can fit your needs!

Production assistance in Bolivia – Our services

Fixer in Bolivia

Bolivia Fixers is the team of professionals you know you can rely on. In a country with 36 official languages, get top production assistance (including translation). We speak the same language as filmmakers and journalists, as this is our passion. We have a wide range of collaborators, all across the country. A crew of dedicated, knowledgeable media experts, at your service. When you need a fixer in Bolivia, we are your answer.

Explore the desert, the salt flats, or the Andean peaks. For outstanding filming experiences, our production assistance takes your worries away. Get the best deals for local resources and work with a professional fixer in Bolivia.

Getting a film permit in Bolivia

fixer in Bolivia

Filming in Bolivia can be a challenge for foreign filmmakers or journalists. Our extensive support saves you from going back to the salt mines. Enjoy shooting the world’s biggest mirror, at Salar de Uyuni and ket us deal with the film permit in Bolivia. Procedures take up to two weeks, with fees depending on the time spent in the country. Costs also vary with production type (TV commercial, documentary filming, etc) and location.

Get your film permit in Bolivia on time. Clear any equipment through customs, with our guidance. We know shooting time is precious for any film production company. Rely on our crew for fast and efficient support with the formalities.

Local deals for video equipment rental

Successful productions ask for state-of-the-art gadgets. Make no exception from excellence when filming in Bolivia. Our countrywide partners offer you access to all the tools you need, in any location. For your video production in Bolivia, enjoy the best deals on equipment rental. Capture the true beauty of an Andean sunrise or the grace of flamingos in Laguna Colorada. Fixer Bolivia makes sure you get a convenient price for camera package rental.

Searching for equipment rental worth its salt, but have a tight budget? Trust Bolivia Fixers to know where to find the filming gear you need. Drop us a line and let’s talk more.

Experienced Crew for Hire in Bolivia

If filming in Bolivia finds you with vacancies in your production team, we have a solution. Our experience as production fixers allows us to have a variety of contacts. So we can help you find the camera operator or location scouter you need. For a versatile crew for hire, trust your fixer in Bolivia.

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi or Quantum of Solace are productions that put Bolivia on the filming map. And with that, comes the guarantee of finding experienced production fixers here. Adaptable and accessible, the Bolivian crew for hire covers all the key roles in your team. Camera operator, location manager and more, we know where to find them.

Get in touch and rely on our professional support when filming in Bolivia. We put you in contact with the best crew for hire. And it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s talk about your filming needs!

Broad Location Scouting in Bolivia

Explore amazing natural landscapes with your next video production. Or portray the country’s unstable political history. Bolivia’s contrasts set the stage for plenty of international films. For documentary filming or top-the-chart movies, choose an experienced fixer in Bolivia. For western classics, political documentaries or blockbusters, our location scouting in Bolivia rocks. Rely on our production assistance to show you the path to the most scenic places.

We take filming in Bolivia to the next level. Ride on the world’s most dangerous road or follow the flamingos in Laguna Colorada. Our location scouting in Bolivia will know what you need and where to find it. Let’s talk more!

Journalist Fixer in Bolivia

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Any film production company planning to shoot in Bolivia must obtain a film permit. For journalists and media agencies, local support can prove vital. Preventing any misunderstanding or conflicts with the authorities is very important. As the 113th in the World Press Freedom Index, Bolivia is a place with constant state censorship.

Do not let a stricter regime give up on your plans for filming in Bolivia. Trust our production assistance to guide you through. We collaborated with worldwide brands and gained precious know-how and experience. As a leading journalist fixer in Bolivia, we offer full support, formalities included. Our broad portfolio of services allows us to adapt our offer to your needs. Get the film permit, find the best local crew for hire, without it all costing you an arm and a leg.

We provide easy access to all the resources you need for your news report or cover story. Our production assistance takes you closer to the action and keeps you safe. Trust on a reputable journalist fixer in Bolivia to put you in contact with the best local sources. Access the film permit and any other approvals for your film production. Let’s talk more about your plans for filming in Bolivia.