Key People

Clementina Lugo

International Production Specialist

Clementina is a Latin-American Director and Producer with over 10 years of experience. Having been involved in projects filmed in a number of locations from the US to South America, her credits include productions with UNICEF, North One TV UK and Disney Plus. Clementina’s previous experience boasts commercial work as the Head of Production of Avocado Marketing Agency, helping clients like Gatorade and Huggies, and non-commercial work as director and producer of several short movies.

Paul Lungu

Senior Production Specialist

Paul Lungu oversees the production work across the territories covered by Storytailors. He was actively involved in servicing production for content broadcast on platforms like Netflix, CNN, Discovery, Channel 4 UK, ARTE, ZDF and many others. Before founding Storytailors he was the staff director of London-based ShortsTV, the home of short form entertainment and owner of the Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical franchise.

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