Absolutely insane backdrops? The world’s largest mirror can easily qualify for that. Among the most incredible film locations in Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is a winner. This unique area, spanning across 11,000 square kilometers, draws numerous filmmakers yearly. Only one glimpse and you know you want to film here.

One-Of-A-Kind Film Locations In Bolivia

Finding the right backdrop for your next production can take you far and wide across the globe. But once you take a look at what Bolivia has to offer, your quest might reach an end. A unique, desert-like area in the southwest corner attracts tourists and filmmakers too. Salar de Uyuni is best known as the world’s largest salt flat. But for the cinema industry, it is one of the most fascinating film locations in Bolivia.

Spanning across more than 10,000square kilometers, this area has two looks. During the dry season, it is an endless white surface, filled with cracks. It can easily suit an out-of-this-world production, whether from another time or planet. Once the rainy season comes though, the salt flats morph into this giant mirror. Given the altitude, weather conditions make it ideal for reflections. No need for a graphic description, your imagination can surely sense the potential.

Of course, the area has been already spotted and used for various productions. From Westerns to Hollywood’s adrenaline-kicking blockbusters, Salar de Uyuni has seen them all.

And we mean it when we say this area can be ideal for outer space plotlines. This is why some important scenes from Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi(2017) were actually filmed here. The Bolivian salt flats are the real-life equivalent for the rebel base named “Crait”.

As one of the most mesmerizing film locations in Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is a must-see. And some productions shot here reveal why.

From Cinema Productions To Music Videos

Outstanding backdrops stand out from the crowd with their versatility too. When it comes to Salar de Uyuni, video producers of all kinds have chosen it. That means not only sci-fi movies like The Last Jedi (2017) got some shots here. Dramas, historical films, even music videos offered the public glimpses of its beauty.

The thriller Salt and Fire (2016) puts the salt flats at its core. The plot follows a group of scientists investigating an ecological disaster in Bolivia. As most scenes are actually shot in this country, viewers get to see plenty of its landscapes.

Salar de Uyuni recreates a desert-like scenery. So, even western movies can find it appropriate. It is the case of Blackthorn (2011), revealing a different ending for the famous Butch Cassidy. Numerous Bolivian landscapes and local actors as extras were part of the film. It proved how much the producers valued authenticity.

With more than a billion views, the video for La La La (2013), by Naughty Boy and Sam Smith, tells quite a visual story. And as one of the top film locations in Bolivia, the salt flats also served as a set for this music video.

So, what would you film at Salar de Uyuni?