Bolivia is one of the more exotic destinations of the South American continent. Here, you will find a ton of natural wonders, including some famous salt flats, but also great culture and traditions. Documentary production in Bolivia is all about finding the right topic for your next big hit video story.

Everything about documentary production in Bolivia

The first thing you need to know about documentary production in Bolivia is the one regarding finances. Although not one of the more developed nations of the area, Bolivia does have an average cost of services, even though the actual services aren’t the best. This is because the country is not the most developed, and so people are just trying to make things work. Still, you will do just fine with a medium budget in this country, not having to go overboard with anything when it comes to spending.

Another thing you should know about your documentary production in Bolivia is having to do with the workforce, namely handymen and extras, but also actors. Regarding documentaries, you also have to look for and talk with interviewers, who will be the voice of your story. This is also easy to grasp in Bolivia, as most people are open-minded and ready to help. Should they be financially rewarded, of course? Besides this, if services are higher in price than in other South American countries, handy work and people hiring is a lot cheaper, fortunately for the entirety of your budget.

Last, but not least, Bolivia is a country that’s all about culture and heritage. Respecting these values of the locals, especially as you move away from the big cities of La Paz or Sucre, will get you to be seen as a promoter of their values and traditions overseas. This is better than anything for Bolivians of all sorts, ages, and ideologies. You and your team become one of them, and from that moment on, you’re in for a treat.

Amazing unknown facts about Bolivia

Doing documentary production in Bolivia is quite straightforward. The question that arises now is, what is that one story that people should learn about, but nobody ever turned into video production? What’s there to be found and explored in Bolivia, other than the famous salt flats, La Paz, and the rest of the internationally famous places. What are the facts about Bolivia that people don’t know about, and that can be turned into the ultimate video documentary?

In La Paz, while not the official capital of the country, which is at Sucre, you can get a pretty serious headache just from breathing. This happens because of the altitude, putting La Paz at one of the highest in the world in terms of city elevation, at over 3.500 meters. If you’re into wrestling, how about some ladies’ matches? Bolivia is home to cholita wrestling, in which indigenous women fight for glory. And finally, Bolivia is considered home to the most dangerous road on Earth, the notorious North Yungas Road. Bring your bike!