Bolivia is the land of the now-famous salt flats, but not just this makes this incredible country a unique, and film-ready one. In fact, Bolivia has recently been considered one of the few rising star countries in the movie industry. If you want to shoot here, start slow by hiring a film fixer in Bolivia. Here’s how to do that.

Where to look for a film fixer in Bolivia

First of all, where should you look for a film fixer in Bolivia? The first obvious answer is the capital city, namely La Paz. Here you will find most video production companies that runaround the country with business. These people know how production runs in their country, including equipment, actors, staff, and logistics. So naturally, they know how to run the show when it comes to hiring a person that’s right for fixing your issues around the movie set.

Another place where you can look for your next film fixer in Bolivia is Sucre, the “second” capital of the country and second-largest city in the South American country. Sucre is more of a laidback place than La Paz, where all of the international business is happening. But there are still plenty of movie professionals to be found and hired there. If Sucre also fails for you, go ahead and search for a fixer on the web. Post some job offerings on the many online boards for freelancers and, in no time, you’ll be assaulted with the talents of the Bolivian movie makers.

While video production companies have their fixers who’re ready to jump in and help, don’t be scared to hire a freelancer. Because they work for themselves, freelancers are usually even more inclined to do a terrific job than production company fixers. For them, every single positive testimonial counts. Which will naturally make them work harder and better.

Qualities of a great film fixer

The qualities of a great film fixer in Bolivia are common with those of any other fixer from around the world. The most important quality is their ability to fix any issues that might arise on the set as quickly as possible. They thrive under pressure, film fixers because they can handle most situations that may come up with a few phone calls. If the fixer is good with stress and can handle whatever gets thrown at them, you’re so much closer to a hire.

Another important quality is experience. If your fixer can provide a portfolio with some amazing work, including some sweet reviews from former clients, you are surely about to hire a great individual for your crew. Make sure their past work is similar to the project you’re about to work on in Bolivia. It doesn’t have to be a 100% match but most top features should be the same. Don’t mix historic movies with nature documentaries, for example. If there’s no match there, keep searching, it’s well worth it!