Want to stand out from the crowd with a unique filming destination? Have you ever considered Bolivia? Although not apparent, media production in Bolivia has turned into a big deal in recent years. Thanks to a few unique spots and better laws, Bolivia might just be the location you’ve been looking for.

Media production in Bolivia – before the trip

What does it mean to do media production in Bolivia? You’d think such a country is reserved only for the high-budget productions for mainstream movies. You’d be wrong, as Bolivia is one country that appeals to all productions regardless of size and budget. Why? Because it’s not that expensive. In fact, it’s more expensive to get there, in the middle of South America, than to actually produce video content on the ground. This is why the best way to go for Bolivia is to go local.

Start by sourcing equipment from the ground, from places like La Paz and Sucre, the largest cities in the country. This is where you will find staff like handymen, fixers, translators, guides, and even actors for your productions. Local agencies in film production will also be ready to help from these cities. Finally, this is where you’ll source your filming permits, which will help you stay within legality wherever you’re about to shoot in the country.

Media production in Bolivia is otherwise cheap if you can first afford the plane tickets to La Paz. Notoriously considered one of the most expensive destinations on Earth, the capital city of Bolivia is otherwise a gem, a city of growth and exceptional tradition. This makes it the ideal spot for the headquarters of your production while in Bolivia. From La Paz, it will take between 3 and 5 hours to reach the rest of the main cities byroad.

Amazing shooting locations in Bolivia

If you’re thinking about media production in Bolivia, chances are you’re planning on shooting at the famous salt flats in the south of the country. These flats are covered in a shiny layer of salt, making it one of the most surreal places on earth. On a clear night’s sky, you can literally see the Milky Way reflected under your feet. If this is not the perfect spot to shoot documentaries about the makings of the Universe, then none is.

Don’t just stop for the most famous landmark of them all when shooting in Bolivia. Check out the Laguna Colorada, another marvel of nature where you’ll find every color under the rainbow on many forms of rocks and other formations. It’s a spectacular sight to witness and, surely, film at. Perfect for movies or documentaries, this place is close to the flats, making the perfect half-day trip and shoot if you’ve planned a salt flats shooting day in advance. Another place to check out is Illimani, which for adventurers and mountain hikers needs no further introduction.