Bolivia is a country not many would consider when it comes to video production. Yet the offer this place has under its belt is spectacular. A production assistant in Bolivia is your key to discovering this amazing South American country entirely. Combine nature and cities for the ultimate filming scenarios.

Production assistant in Bolivia, a must for your crew

Bolivia is nothing but an exotic country, compared to your typical European destinations. Located in South America, Bolivia is a two-capital country, with La Paz and Sucre being the administrative cities of the place. In terms of filming opportunities, your production assistant in Bolivia will most likely start with La Paz as a recommendation for your headquarters. This is the ideal place for a start regardless of what you want to film. Next comes the other major attractions, such as Salar de Uyuni, probably the most famous attraction in all of Bolivia.

Besides the salt flats, which are divine to say the list and make for a great backdrop for any scene, from car commercials to interviews for a financial documentary, Bolivia has many hidden gems. Your production assistant in Bolivia is crucial here, as they know these places better than anyone. For starters, there’s the North Yungas Road, ideal for any nature documentary. Next, Laguna Colorada is yet another wonder of nature you’ll only find in Bolivia. And if history is your thing, visit and film at the Tiwanaku, the ruins of a pre-colombian culture.

Regardless of your choices, having an assistant from the country in which you’re about to work is important. They know how things like how filming permits work, as well as logistics for your team like accommodation, food, transport, and other requirements. They are also familiar with the people, and how to manage your ground crew for the best results.

What it’s like filming in Bolivia

Filming in Bolivia abides by many laws you might not be familiar with. Your production assistant in Bolivia will be more entitled to put you on guard about these. As far as filming goes, you do need a permit if you’re shooting a big production. You will also need a visa to work in the country, while you shoot the movie or documentary. There are many documents you need for these papers, which will be presented to you by your local fixer.

One of the most famous productions ever to be shot in Bolivia is The Amazing Race. Besides this, over 700 companies in the filming industries have worked here since 1930. Most zones in the country are allowing filming crews with a permit to shoot their videos, the only rule being to respect and protect the cultural values of the place. If you’re well mannered and do respect the laws, police and other officials will never ask you to stop what you’re doing. This is the golden rule, to abide by the laws and make the most out of your time in this amazing place.