With many incredible natural parks, salt flats looking out of this world, and a thriving tourism industry Bolivia is one of the more exotic places to film a movie in the world. If you’re planning on shooting your project there, hiring a production coordinator in Bolivia is a great way to start on the job.

Where to find the best production coordinator in Bolivia

Where do you go to find the best possible production coordinator in Bolivia? Start with the capital, La Paz, a city that’s ever-expanding and where the main hub for everything is in the country. La Paz hosts the most filming companies, equipment rental, and talent finders in the country. It’s natural to start your searches there, as you’ve got the most chances at finding the person you’re interested in. If that doesn’t work, the internet is also a great place to look for a candidate. Search for freelancing sites, Facebook groups, and Twitter or Instagram for the right coordinators.

How should a production coordinator in Bolivia be like? They need to have experience, first and foremost. More importantly, they should have at least two or three projects of the same kind as yours under their belts. If they don’t, the chances of them and your crew clicking together are slim. Even if the coordinator is above average, without experience there will be no chemistry. Second, they should be great with the English language, which is not a common trait to have in a Spanish-speaking South American country. Make sure they’re good and comfortable with the language.

Third, have them tested for things like knowledge with editing software, communication, coordination, and people management. A good coordinator has a little bit of everything, but their main job is to keep turning chaos into order on the set.

The dos and don’ts of filming in Bolivia

Now that you know what to look for in a production coordinator in Bolivia, here’s what you should know about filming there. Bolivia is a wonder when it comes to natural environments. Some of the most impressive natural parks in South America lie within its borders. One of them are the incredible salt flats, where during the night the ground turns into a mirror for the Milky Way to shine in. It’s a sight most people say they changed their lives, after experiencing it on their own.

Bolivia lets producers do their thing when in the country. The sole main rule here is, respect the heritage of the places and the people where you’re about to shoot. If you can do that, you’ll be met with friendliness and get tons of help from the locals. Also, make sure you get a filming permit where the case might be. Local authorities will verify this document. Don’t walk around shooting with a fake permit, as there are some hefty fines for those who are caught. And the immediate cancellation of your production as well, naturally.